Gut Instinct:  Microbiota & Flower Mandala Making Workshop

with Mayumi Nakabayashi


Sunday 10th November 2019 10.30am-12.30.

Cost €25, Bookings with Ruth on 086 7702841

In recent years, we are finding out more and more about how our gut affects our thoughts, moods and our behaviours. It seems essential to establish a friendly relationship with this vital and central part of our being.

All are welcome to join Mayumi for this 2 hour journey where we will explore ways to be better connected with our microbiota learning some facts about microbiota and our health, doing some fun exercises and meditations, and making individual flower mandalas at the end.

The mandala you create will be a manifestation of the micro universe within you; the process of breaking down the plants into small segments and recreating as the One Whole Being, just as our digestive systems do every single day of our life – breaking down food to macro nutrients to micro nutrients to feed our body. This is the alchemy our bodies practice every day.

The cost includes all the materials and plants to make flower mandala and tea/coffee and cakes to share at the end.