Workshop & Event Dates


‘Stepping into Balance & Strength’: Spring Yoga  Immersion

Friday 13th March to Sunday 15th March

3 class workshop with Ruth Walshe at

Friday: 7.30-9.00pm, Saturday & Sunday : 10.30-12.00


Spring is the time when the body begins to release any remaining sluggishness and heaviness from the winter months so new growth, on all levels,  can occur.  Time to ‘shed our winter coats’. In Yoga and Ayurveda it’s a new phase where our yoga practices and diet can assist this release, helping to bring internal lightness and increased energy for the new growth and lighter season.

Join Ruth for this 3 -class yoga immersion helping you to step into spring with strength. We will work with both dynamic and static movements/positions to build strength and endurance in the legs and body. Stance work will be varied including lunging and squatting. The format we’ll use will help develop coordination and rhythm, aligning  breath with movement.  Floor work will consist of the primary seats and some twisting movements to stimulate Agni.

Agni ( the digestive fire) is key in this transition season as fire is the transformational quality (guna) in our systems. Our internal digestive fire transforms our food into fuel as well as transforming our thoughts, emotions etc so in Spring the Agni need a little extra support and firing up!

Ayurvedic daily habits and dietary guidelines for Spring will be shared so we can make the most of this transition into the ‘King of the seasons”  helping us to step into our own strength and lightness.

Cost: €60.

Bookings on 086 7702841 or email

About Ruth: Ruth has been a passionate and dedicated yoga student since 1998 and has spent many years travelling to India and around the world in its study and application. She is a co-teacher on the Vinyasa Yoga teacher trainings since 2006 and now runs in Wexford. She studied in the Iyengar system for 10 years and spent 6 years under the direct teaching and guidance of Shandor Remete of Shadow Yoga. She has attended many courses and spent time with Dr. Robert Svoboda (Ayurvedic doctor and author) and is grateful for all she has learned from her teachers and her direct experience on this journey.


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