Yoga Teacher Training & Practitioner Courses

Yoga, at its essence, is the practice of self cultivation for the realisation of ones higher self. There are many different methods ultimately bringing us to the same place and hatha yoga begins with what is tangible; the body.  Yoga is taught sequentially working through the physical body to bring awareness, release blockages and align muscles & bones through conscious placement. It creates strength and freedom in the body and the mind, awakening its inner intelligence thus enabling the physiological system to function at its best.  When the body is strong and the breath free the mind becomes quiet.

Yoga Gorey is currently host to two teacher trainings and an advanced practitioner course run by David Curtis and Ruth Walshe.

We run a number of different formatted trainings and courses that cater to different needs; whether you wish to simply deepen your understanding of the practice or train as a teacher we can guide you in the right direction. In time we may introduce, to Yoga Gorey, a practitioner course whose purpose will be to facilitate those wishing to deepen their practice and understanding of yoga. It will not be a teacher training but a platform for deeper exploration and study.

Our teacher training programmes have been running since 2006 and are considered one of the more comprehensive trainings in Ireland. The course runs over two years and over 150 students have passed through this training many of whom have gone on to establish themselves as competent teachers and studio owners. For more information visit