‘Finding Your Voice’- Sound Class with Mayumi Nakabashi

Finding Your Voice: Wellness Through A Resonant Body with Mayumi Nakabashi

Join Mayumi to explore the voice and its potentials by enhancing the vibrations/resonance in the body.
We all know that our voice is produced from our larynx, but do you know that our big toe can sing as well?
How about our spine, head and pelvis?
Our body is made up of spaces. The spaces exist not only in the oral cavity and the rib cage, but also between the fascia, joints and other parts of the body in a microscopic way! But our lifestyle and habitual tensions in the body squash and flatten the spaces within us.
If we imagine our body as a big sound box, the sound produced in the larynx can be enhanced by bringing awareness of those spaces and relaxations in the body, making the voice more resonant and powerful effortlessly. The key is less is more.

In this class, we explore the ways of enhancing our vocal abilities through fun exercises and gentle humming and making sounds.
All are welcome regardless of their experiences in singing or public speaking. The voice is a powerful and sensitive tool which carries our emotions and feelings. And often, we don’t have a control over those emotions and feelings in our voice. I believe that how we make peace with our voice can reflect on how we make peace with ourselves.

  • This class is open to all and runs Friday 28th February, 6th March and 20th March

  • €14 

  • 7.00-8.00 pm
  • Call Ruth 086 7702841 or email ruth@yogagorey.ie

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Finding Your Voice: Wellness Through A Resonant Body