Ruth offers individual and group private classes.

Email: or call 086 7702841 to discuss.

Private individual classes are enjoyed by many as they focus on the clients needs on that particular day. According to the unique demands of each of our own daily lives, physical, mental and emotional needs will be different every week/session…some days the practice will be dynamic, other days restorative or meditative and/or may include Ayurvedic (Indian traditional well being and health system) advice. All depends on what is required that day to assist the client in bringing body and mind back to a more centred and balanced state.

Traditionally yoga was taught and learned in a one to manner but the more common method now is in group classes where a general class is taught based on the majority.

This is perfectly suitable for most but not if one is dealing with an acute physical limitation, a medical condition that may require a more tailored approach or recovery from an injury.