Rani Collection Box (5 in 1) 50gm: €15

Our new impeccably appointed deluxe 5-in-1 boxed incense stick collection. This collection contains Blue Lotus, Hari-Leela, Pushkar, Vrindavan Champa and Vrindavan Leela; 10gm of each. The ultimate in sweet & rich florals, high potency collection.



Yogi Collection Box (5 in 1 ) 50gm: €15

Our new impeccably appointed assorted collection box of some of the finest incense sticks on earth: Agarwood, Black Sandalwood, Frankincense, Parijata and Sandalwood. 10gm of each. Mother Earth’s offerings of divine wooded resinous fragrance in one amazing collection. 5 x 10gm.


Champa Collection Box (4 in 1) 40gm: €11

The latest collection box includes 10 gms each of Absolute Nag Champa, Golden Champa, Green Champa and Vrindavan Flora. Experience the nuances in 4 Champa scent – dry, fiery, distinct and earthy.