Femininity & Masculinity Within: Microbiota & Flower Mandala Making Sunday 9th Feb 2020

Join Mayumi on a journey to explore ways to unite the polarity within us: Femininity & Masculinity

Sunday 9th February 2020

10.30-12.30. Cost €25

Bookings: Call/Email Ruth 086 7702841 ruth@yogagorey.ie

What do femininity and masculinity mean to you?

Is it about wearing a floral print and painting your nails? Is it about lifting weights and being a macho?

Maybe, that’s one way to look at them.

Have you ever considered that we also have those two opposed natures within us regardless of our gender: intuitive mind & logical mind, Yin & Yang, gut & brain. Just like a coin is completed with two sides.

Having that in our mind, the first question I would like to ask is “Are we balanced?”

We often silence our intuitive mind over logical mind.

Given an opportunity, our intuitive mind (gut instinct) would come up with so many ideas every day. But our logical mind (brain) often denies them by saying “That’s inconvenient!”, “That’s not a good idea.”,”Stop being unrealistic.”

Imagine how you would feel if your partner says that to you?

Our intuitive mind gradually loses its voice and stops talking to us.

My second questions is “Who is on the driver’s seat?”

Imagine yourself as a car driving your life’s path.

Who is on the driver’s seat and who is on the navigator’s seat; your brain or your gut? 

Are they on the right seats where they can be their optimum selves to take you to the most fulfilling life’s path?

We often get mixed up the seating by putting our brain on the driver’s seat.

But what our brain is best at is being a supporter for the true driving force = our gut.

And how do they communicate? By using emotions and feelings.

Our emotions and feelings are the communication tools between our gut and brain as well as the fuel for the life’s journey.

In this workshop, we will first learn the facts about our gut especially focusing on microbiota, microbiome and the vagus nerve. We explore the idea of the polarities from different perspectives; gut & brain, intuitive mind & logical mind, Yin & Yang. 

We move on to practical exercises such as meditations, body works and some fun games to strengthen our connections between the two opposed sides within us.

And the final part is to make individual flower mandala as a manifestation of the unity within us.

The workshop is scheduled just few days before the Valentine’s day.

It is wonderful to celebrate our romantic relationships with partners but wouldn’t it be even more amazing if we could celebrate the unity within ourselves?

The relationship you have with others is the exact reflection of the relationship you have with yourself.

It is the opportunity to celebrate the sacred unity within ourselves.