Course Overview

200-Hour Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Training

Overview of our teacher training course:

Our programme is designed for students who may already be dedicated practitioners and are now interested to deepen their understanding of how to implement an intelligent Self-practice and how to practice and teach safely with inspiration.

It is through constant and persistent practice that the seed of teaching is sown. When the practice then blossoms the flower of knowledge is ready to be shared. The primal virtues of correct practice are the trinity of: Power (Prana) and its’ cultivation, the Wisdom (Buddhi) needed to maintain it and the Love (Atman) needed to understand it’s correct use.

A large portion of the training is devoted to practice teaching using intelligent sequencing from the lineage of Krishnamacharya and BKS Iyengar. This will prepare those, who are ready to teach,  for the correct approach to sequencing and presenting a safe, effective and challenging class. Many further activities and techniques will go back further than this lineage to a time when multiple self- cultivating disciplines shared knowledge of the subtle body and how to awaken the power within.

Why, if yoga is a therapy, are more and more students sustaining injuries? Learn how to maintain a powerful dynamic practice while keeping it safe and effective. The course gives extensive instruction in the theory and practice of yogaasana, basic kriya, breath, the art of teaching, and a practical overview of yogic and ayurvedic philosophy.

Students and yoga instructors alike will find this course effective and comprehensive in its presentation. This training is designed to serve as a catalyst for intense and rapid growth. When you begin to teach, or think like a teacher your understanding will invariably deepen. However only through correct and persistent practice may this process begin. You will be led through this process with inspiration and confidence.

Our  200hr teacher trainings run over 2 years approx. (we recognise there are now many places offering live and online trainings anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months) In our experience this is the minimum amount of time required for any maturity of understanding of the practice and the digestion of the information shared. Information only transforms into knowledge through steady application and with patience over time.