Absolute Incense 20gm Box

Beautifully packaged for the perfect gift. 16-18 sticks per box approximately

Carolina Fir Tree: €8.50-SOLD OUT

Appropriate Christmas scent evoking the smells of a Pine forest in early Autumn. Exclusive to Pure Incense and made with Pure Fir Tree essential oil extract from North Carolina. This first batch has a peppermint and evergreen note.

Saffron & Musk:  €8.50-SOLD OUT

Our Saffron and Musk was introduced in the Absolute range this year. A  truly beautiful scent. Earthy and transcendent simultaneously.




Yellow Rose: €8.50-SOLD OUT

Absolute Yellow Rose is a wild balmy rose to throw you over the hills and meadows where you can forget all your troubles and watch the butterflies flittering in the tall grass. Totally gorgeous and now beautifully packaged for the ultimate incense gift.